The Actek VMS is a comprehensive visitor control system, completely managing the risk associated with unauthorised visitors. The system generally incorporates the Actek GSM Intercom System whereby residents are contacted to confirm entry of a visitor. The visitor is then provided with a system generated entrance pass by means of printed permit, proximity card or fingerprint enrollment for once off entrance and exit.


Visitors can also be pre-booked by sending an sms to the system from a registered cell phone number. When the visitor arrives with the matching details a system generated entrance pass is immediately generated.


Compulsory drivers license, ID Book and or vehicle license can be enabled on the system forcing the security guard to verify the identity of the visitor, this information is instantly stored to a database and there is therefore no need for a security log book to be completed, drastically decreasing the traffic congestion on entrance.


Anomaly reports generated daily, will instantly inform management of visitors who have entered and not exited in the prescribed time frame.


These solutions are produced entirely in South Africa for the harsh African environment. The robust design, and solid reliability of this system makes it a must have for any successful estate or complex.


This product is produced entirely in South Africa, for the harsh African environment.



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