We specialise in installation, implementation and maintenance of time and attendance systems.


The genius behind any product is evident in it's simplicity. Time and attendance is the process of recording, gathering and calculating the working hours of employees for the purpose of paying them them fair and accurate wages for the time that they have worked.


Since it is extremely time consuming to collate and calculate hours worked, a time and attendance system not only reduces fraud by preventing misrepresentation of time worked, it also drastically reduces time spent on collating information as it is automatically computerised.


Once computerised, your wages can become a very quick, easy and painless task to perform.


Our time and attendance systems are designed to be easy to use from the perspective of both the employees that are required to clock in and out on it as well as from the perspective of the person responsible for the management of the system.


We also do maintenance and repairs on systems which we not installed by us.



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