Our Parking Automatic Pay Stations have been developed and are manufactured completely in South Africa.


We make use of the latest technology available and are constantly enhancing our Pay Stations by frequently further developing the software, firmware and hardware to work better and last longer.



Actek Bar-code Pay Station

·State of the art bar-code Automatic Pay Station

·Issues change in notes and coins, utilising a Bill 2 Bill note recycler and recycling tubes or hoppers.

·The pay station is therefore able to self-replenish its float of coins and notes as the denominations of coins and notes that are issued as change are replenished the next time those denominations are presented for payment.

·Biometric Finger Print recognition for authorisation to open the door as well as access administrative functions. This ensures that no unauthorised access to the unit can be gained by duplicating keys etc. Access times and user profiles can be setup on the system for maximum security.

·15” LCD Touch Screen interface for customers as well as authorised administrative users.

·Robust Design with excellent reliability.

·Reliable tried and tested note and coin readers that deliver accurate cash acceptance time after time.


SPM Pay Station
SPM Pay Station

·Integrated Intercom system.

·Extremely user friendly design with illustrated customer instructions on the LCD display.

·Credit and Debit cards payment ability.

·Fast transaction times.

·Capable of accepting any currency once programmed to do so, meaning the product can be used world wide with little configuration changes.

·High security 2 way electro –mechanical security locking

mechanism with unique key-switch lock.

·Reads thermally printed bar-code tickets to reduce consumable and ticket costs.

·This product was developed and is manufactured in South Africa for the harsh African environment and is available with a very short lead time.


This product is produced to order and lead times may vary from a few days to 4 weeks depending on the material and colour selected.


South African Parking Equipment


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