What is a Parking Guidance System?

Although parking guidance systems (PGS) are not as commonly found in Africa as in the rest of the world, the concept needs no real introduction.


More and more parking lots are implementing PGS to reduce the time in which their parkers take to find an available parking bay and increase the level of convenience. Correctly implemented PGS is a wonderful tool for both the parking as well as the parking lot owners and management.


A parking guidance system is a system which assists parkers in finding an unoccupied parking space, by means of directional signage indicating the number of available bays in a certain area as well as colour changing bay sensors indicating to drivers exactly which parking bays are available.  The bay sensors will indicate red for occupied; green for available and blue for for reserved or disabled.


Reasons for implementing PGS:

  • Convenience to parkers - ability to effortlessly find an available parking bay
  • Minimises congestion
  • Increases traffic flow
  • Minimises carbon emission caused by unnecessary driving around looking for an available parking bay
  • Real time and statistical data on available bays and occupancy


Why Actek?

  • Our PGS has been designed and manufactured entirely in South Africa for the harsh African environment.
  • Our sensors are the most visible of all sensors available on the market. 180 degree viewing angle with extremely bright led viewing panel, utilising 8 high-bright RGB Led's.
  • Because our system is developed in South Africa and not imported, the system is extremely cost effective.
  • Our system is modular and sensors and variable message directional signs can be added to the system at any time.
  • The system can work completely on-line with server, controllers and directional signage, or as a completely standalone unit.
  • The system is easy to install. The sensors clip directly into 40mm trunking and merely has a single cable daisy chaining from each sensor to the next for power and data.


Features of Actek PGS:

The Actek PGS, is a cost effective, modular; complete driver guidance system with availability/occupancy data collection, data analysis and display done within milliseconds.


  • The system is a fully modular solution – can collect data from and indicate the status of unlimited parking bays across various parking lots and levels.
  • Accurate, real time indication of parking availability via multicolour traffic lights and numeric displays.
  • Easy installation using daisy-chain wiring and communication algorithms and trunking clip-in mounting bracket.
  • Up to 256 PGS Sensors; 10 PGS Direction Displays and 5 Lane Open / Closed Signs connect to one PGS Controller. Multiple Controllers connect to the computer software. The sensors provide visible Red/ Green/ Blue indicators above each parking bay.
  • Available in split sensor indicator version for areas with poor visibility.


Typical applications:

The Actek PGS, Parking Guidance System, will assist drivers looking for available parking and drastically reduces the congestions caused by drivers aimlessly driving around searching for parking.


It will therefore benefit any undercover parking lot such as:


  • Shopping Center parking lots.
  • Parkades.
  • Large Corporate office buildings with underground parking.
  • Any unallocated parking lot.
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