Access Control Technologies - Actek (Formerly Specialised Project Management) is a specialist Parking Equipment Solution provider offering advanced solutions developed and manufactured in South Africa.


Paid parking is a massive industry generating a significant income to property owners ranging from Retail Centre's to Commercial Properties and even the Hospitality industry.


Therefore choosing an equipment supplier that is able to offer excellent after sale service  and reliable tried and tested equipment is of utmost importance. Actek’s equipment is locally produced with local support and short lead times.


Actek current maintain parking systems at over 130 sites. Included in this figure is the maintenance of over 700 parking barriers.


We offer the followings specialised and fully customised Solutions:









Although we offer various different parking solutions, there are common specialised products used on most of these solutions.


We are able to create complete custom solutions for any paid or non-paid access control requirements by mixing and matching different products, or even producing completely new products to cater for our customers exact requirements.


Common Actek Products include:


Actek Ticket Dispenser or Actek Entry Station

Actek Ticket Acceptor or Actek Exit Station

Actek Fee Computer

Actek Validator

Actek Automatic Pay Station

Actek Gating Point of Sale system or Actek Game Reserve POS System

Actek Central Cashier Station

South African Parking Equipment


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