The Actek GSM System is designed to be used in guarded and unguarded environments, whereby the system is pre-configured with contact numbers and names for units.


The visitors or guard, depending on environment enter the relevant unit number into the device, they then select the relevant resident (up to 3 resident numbers per unit number) and the resident is then contacted on their cell phone via the device's on-board GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology and the resident then decides whether to open for the visitor or not, by dialling the appropriate key on their cell phone.


Upon the resident dialing the accepting key on their cell phone, the call is terminated and the device triggers one of three on-board relays to open up to 3 devices (sliding gate, swing gate, boomgate barrier, spike barrier or road blocker) depending on which accepting key was dialled.


Main features


  • Quick and easy installation, no wiring other than mains supply and trigger wire
  • GSM based, uses a standard SIM card on any network, SIM can be on pre-paid or contract
  • Visitor can select from up to three contact numbers per unit to call
  • Battery backup and built-in lightning protection
  • Visitor pre-registration codes - resident can send an SMS to the unit requesting visitor codes valid for single or up to 30 multiple entries. The unit replies via SMS with a visitor code which can then be entered to avoid time delay by phone call authorisation.
  • Permanent PIN code entry (two pre-programmed codes per unit)
  • Easy to use software interface for system updating and reporting, software links to device via the internet, no cabled connection required to the device.
  • Individual resident reporting for phone bills and gate openings
  • Unlimited, controlled access for residents
  • Ability to communicate with security personnel at the gate
  • Back-lit LCD display (four line)
  • Weather-proof enclosure suitable for outdoor or indoor environments. Optional anti-theft bracket for outdoor high risk environments
  • Built in tamper notification via SMS to pre-configured numbers


This product is produced entirely in South Africa, for the harsh African environment.



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