We offer customised solutions for Revenue and Access Control to Game and other reserves


Since each reserve is unique with certain requirements unlike any other reserve, each solution is tailored to the clients exact requirement and budget.


General components offered:


Actek Gating Point of Sale (POS) Terminal

·An effective revenue control solution used to issue permits

·Control and audit revenue

·Control entry and exit barrier

·Provides accurate vehicle counts to verify revenue declaration

·Selling additional items to visitors such as fire wood and maps etc.

·Can be placed in Meet & Greet / Reception area with ticket being purchase on foot, or in cashier booth with ticket being purchased directly from the vehicle.

A POS terminal is the ultimate in auditing and revenue control and every reserve should have one as revenue cannot accurately be verified without one.


CCTV System

·A must have when cashiers are entrusted with handling revenue. Often entry permits into reserves are very expensive and for good reason, but this temptation is often too great for cashiers and they tend to reward themselves handsomely with a portion of revenue which should not be possible. A state of the art CCTV system is therefore a effective deterrent to dishonest cashiers.

·System includes text video overlay, recording each transaction processed on the POS terminal onto the CCTV footage for auditing purposes.

·In car camera are useful, for verification of the number of passengers in the vehicle especially when charging per individual passenger.

·Provided an internet connection is available, all of our CCTV systems can be vied live off-site and recorded footage can even be viewed remotely.


Revenue Barriers

   Centurion Sector Barriers

· We supply, install and maintain Centurion Sector Barriers, which is of highest quality with impressive features.

· High Speed operation. Raises boom in under 1.2 seconds

· 12v Battery Backup

   Boomgate Systems

· We supply, install and maintain Boomgate Systems Barriers, which is of highest quality.

· Boomgate have sold over 6000 units, you are therefore assured of a tried and tested product.


Entrance & Exit validation Stations

·Robust, IP66 weather and dust proof, this device and be installed with no canopy to shelter it from the elements.

·This device is on-line with the server and is used to verify and confirm number of passengers in a vehicle when an entry permit was purchased at the Meet & Greet or Reception area.

·It verifies the authenticity of the permit and requested the staff member to enter the number of adults and children in the vehicle and then verifies that this is the correct number as was the declared by the driver when the permit was purchased. Should the numbers not correspond the revenue barrier will not open and the client will be requested to return to the Meet & Greet to make additional payment for the previously undeclared passengers.


Tenant Proximity Card System

·Contact-less proximity card system means that there is no wear and tear on readers.

·The readers are IP66 weather and dust proof ideal for the harsh bush environment.

A tenant card system is a must have if there are staff members, rangers or tenants who enter and exit frequently, as it is a mere scan of the proximity card and the barrier opens. If no tenant system is installed a no charge permit would need to be issued and returned each time entrance or exit is granted.

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