Access Control Technologies - Actek is a specialist Access Control Solution provider offering advanced solutions developed and manufactured in South Africa.


We manufacture, install and maintain all kinds of access control solutions, however we also repair and maintain systems not manufactured or installed by us.


Security is the primary reason for having an access control system, although it can also be used for monitoring staff comings and goings. Many types of businesses, complexes, estates and stadiums, to name but a few, simply cannot afford for unwanted and unknown visitors to enter their premises, through fear of theft or that confidential data might be compromised or abused. Of course, access control isn’t just about stopping outsiders from coming in, but also about stopping workers from going where they shouldn’t or don’t need to be. The right kind of system can provide different levels of access to different people if you need it that way.


Reliability and maximum uptime of your access control system is absolutely critical, as a non-functional access control system leaves you vulnerable to security breaches.  Therefore choosing an equipment supplier that is able to offer excellent after sale service  and reliable tried and tested equipment is of utmost importance. Actek’s equipment is locally produced with local support and short lead times.


Actek currently maintain access control systems at over 150 sites throughout South Africa. With fast and efficient service and response times.


We offer the followings specialised and fully customised Solutions:

Products contained within Estate and Complex Access Control:

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