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At Actek we not only specialise in desktop, mobile application and web software development but in turnkey software development whereby all of these elements come together perfectly and holistically service the needs of our clients.


An example of a turnkey software solution is:

  • Transactions are processed on a hand-held device being either Android, IOS or Windows Mobile. Actek would develop custom software to execute on this device.
  •  The transaction data is then transferred via Wifi, GPRS or Bluetooth to a server computer for reporting and record keeping. This server computer could be running a Windows or Linux operating system. Actek would develop the custom software on the server computer which would include a database platform which could be Microsoft SQL; My SQL; SQL CE or Microsoft Access.
  • The transaction data is then transferred via internet connection to an on-line PHP based My SQL database and clients are then able to login into a web-portal to obtain financial and other information. Actek would develop a customer PHP website and MY SQL database platform.
  • We are thus able to offer our clients turnkey software solutions to address their specific requirements.


Should you have a need for an advanced turnkey software solution, please get in touch with us for a free quotation.




Sample of previous turnkey software developed

The Best Technology


Software and systems are only as good as the technology they are built on - and the technology partners you choose to use.


At Actek, we use only enterprise level software and platforms to power our products.


We use database systems that are stable, widely supported by the community, and considered to be industry standard, so you can be sure of reliable data transactions, effective and accurate reports, and a stable and robust software platform to store and process your data.


When it comes to development environments, we use a variety of tools to help us achieve our goals, enabling us to be flexible and adapt to the user environment along with the different requirements of each required software solution.


We constantly investigate new and exciting technology that becomes available and track industry trends to identify new systems that can add value to our customers and their software solutions. Our technology offering is therefore always up to date.


Our most used technologies:


Desktop Software

  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework
  • Java
  • Python


Mobile and Device Software

  • Microsoft Windows CE
  • Assembly
  • Microsoft IOT
  • Linux
  • Android


Web Software

  • HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Adobe Muse
  • Bootstrap
  • Apache
  • Python
  • Ajax / Jquery


Database Platforms

  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL CE
  • Microsoft Access


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