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Actek is a top ranked South African surveillance solution provider. Our offerings include installation, maintenance and integration of high-end digital surveillance systems.


Our target market is the extremely sophisticated industrial, commercial, retail and corporate sectors where we predominantly specialise in medium to large surveillance systems where the reliability, integrity as well as analytics of the systems are of utmost importance. Some of our corporate client's sites have over 1000 cameras where we provide site based technicians to ensure the systems are performing optimally and remain 100% functional.


We only supply top quality brands of surveillance systems  and cameras to ensure reliability and the highest of quality to perfectly serve your requirements. These brands include:

  • Cathexis
  • Geovision
  • NUUO
  • Servision
  • Axis
  • Bosch
  • Vivotek
  • Samsung
  • HIK
  • Dahua

IP or Analog?


Have you ever seen a crime drama movie or TV show where a bunch of police are gathered around surveillance footage and suddenly one of them says: “Wait! Zoom in on that guy! Enhance the image!” and then suddenly, miraculously, the grainy and blurry footage of what might be vaguely a human becomes a precise, crystal clear vision of the culprit? They identify the perp, bring him in, and case closed.


Well, that's total fiction. In reality, that grainy footage from that analog security camera is only going to get blurrier and grainier when you zoom in for a closer look. But all is not lost! We are indeed living in the future, and IP cameras are the wave of it. No longer does security camera footage have to consist of the poor quality, narrowly focused images we're used to seeing on analog CCTV.


However, it comes at a cost. Not some metaphorical cost, like “your soul” or something, but an actual monetary cost. So you have to ask yourself…Should you hop on the IP train?


Well, that's why we're here: to give you the run down so you can decide for yourself if the upgrade is worth it.


In our honest opinion analog will still be around for a while, mostly due to the cost of replacing existing cabling infrustructure. But if you are considering upgrading your system or doing a new installation, it is best to go for the latest and greatest which is IP.                                                    Read More...


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