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At Actek we offer advanced surveillance solutions including Facial Recognition solutions. We make use of the latest offering from Arteco, a global leader in surveillance technology to perfectly service the needs of our clients.


Arteco Facial Recognition (AFR) delivers rapid, accurate and scalable face recognition capabilities to meet evolving security and safety needs. Its powerful algorithms address common challenges in analytics, such as lighting, pose, occlusions, motion, crowds and expression.


Designed to be easily deployed and managed, AFR’s accuracy and reliability empowers video surveillance deployments across the globe including:


Retail uses including identification of known shoplifters, pre-empting organized crime events, point-of-sale and exception monitoring, marketing strategy analysis, flow analysis and demographic of customers.

Campus security efforts including traffic flow analysis, loitering and demographic make-up of students and personnel.

Critical infrastructure use cases include proactive crime monitoring, identifying undocumented individuals and intrusion detection

Logistics and supply chain organizations can leverage the application to identify crime events, identify suspected criminals and monitor for intrusion in remote locations.

Smart city use cases include terrorist watch list matching, crowd monitoring, traffic flow analysis and more.

AFR evaluates video from multiple video streams and supports today’s most prevelant video formats. Leveraging deep learning and 3D technology, AFR can manage millions of templates, making it scalable to fit a wide range of analytic requirements. Additionally, it is simple to manage and administer.




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