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Pay on Exit Solutions are best suited to smaller sites where there is sufficient space for a cashier booth on exit, and where the parkers enjoy interacting with a cashier to do their payment rather than an automated device.


A parker collects a ticket on entrance at the Entry Station, parks for as long as they wish and on exit do the required payment to a cashier in a cashier booth, the cashier then processes the payment on a Fee Computer.

Actek Entry Station

·State of the art thermal bar-code entry ticket dispenser

·Includes 7” weatherproof LCD display

·Displays site logo and or operators logos as well as any other  information for the parkers.

·Display can be customised to display marketing material etc.

·Displays the name of the access card user as well as a welcome message.

·The display creates a brilliant first impression when entering a site.

·This product can be used on-line or off-line with or without bar-code.

·Optional integrated proximity reader

·This product was developed and is manufactured in South Africa for the harsh African environment and is available with a very short lead time.

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Actek Fee Computer

· State of the art Revenue Control Fee Computer, boasting the most advanced and virtually bullet proof reporting and revenue verification tools on the market.

· Used for Pay on Exit; Pay on Entry & Central Pay Point Parking Systems

· Includes a Firm Base Touch Screen Monitor & High Speed thermal printer which prints at 250mm per second.

· We supply an externally mounted “Hi-Bright” LED fee display

· We have developed a unique counter controller for accurate revenue reporting.

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Intelligent Parking Barriers

· State of the art revenue barrier with built-in intelligence allowing the device to keep record of vehicle counts, door openings, authorised override barrier openings, barrier pole sensors and much more. It has a built-in 5" touch screen inside the enclosure where counters can be obtained and authorised overrides can be initiated.

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Spike Barriers

· We supply, install and maintain:

· Single Directional Spikes

· Fully automated (high security) spikes

· Available in surface mount or Flush mount

· Road Blockers

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SPM Fee Computer


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