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Parking Portal is a state of the art revenue monitoring and control solution designed for Parking Management companies as well as Property Managers and Landlords to effectively monitor and manage their revenue collected at their parking sites via browser based cloud login.


Parking Portal has been found to effectively increase the revenue collected at parking sites while reducing the ability for parking site staff to misappropriate revenue  as all stake holders have instant access to all the information to effectively manage fraud on site.


How it works:

Each device in the field (Entry Station; Exit Station; Fee Computer; Pay Station and Server) is connected to a cloud My SQL database via embedded 3G connection. Constantly syncing valuable information available on demand.


Information available in real-time:

  • Tickets Issued
  • Cash on Hand
  • Vehicle Counts
  • Cashier End of Shift Reports
  • Revenue Collected at any point in time
  • Statistical Revenue Reports including year on year or month on month comparisons
  • Enabled /disabled access cards as well as usage reports on access card movement




Parking Portal is access via any web browser at


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