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The Actek Parking Portal is an on-line cloud based portal where clients can administer and report on activity at all of their sites.


All of our latest generation parking equipment devices are linked to the cloud based server via built-in 3G devices. Each transaction done, whether it be a ticket issued, a barrier opened via override, a payment at a pay station or at a cashier station is instantly synced to our On-line SQL database.


Clients therefore have all the relevant information at their fingertips as well as the ability to administer and make changes to their sites. This information and administering includes:

  • Historical reporting of tickets, revenue, cash-ups done, float levels, graphs and statistics
  • Current device status's such as float levels, ticket levels, barrier positions etc.
  • Administering and reporting of access cards is also done on-line. Meaning access for a new parker can be granted instantly on-line as well as access being taken away instantly for non-payment or loss of card.
  • Notifications of system failures and events such as tickets low or tamper alarms can be instantly sent from the system via email or SMS.


Administer and report on you Parking sites anywhere, on any device, on any operating system, at any time via the Parking Portal web interface.

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