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Visitor Management


Simplify the process of managing your attendees and visitors.


Visitor Management enables your company to leave the right impression by providing a fluid and seamless visitor experience.


Pre-booking is done on the cloud based portal from anywhere in the world via browser login. Allowing your visitors to have a pleasant visiting experience.

The First Impression


When a visitor arrives, the visitor management feature gives reception instant access to their details. Visitor information can be added or amended to the system at any time. Reception can then notify the host via SMS or email through the Actek Visitor Management System. All in a matter of seconds.


Generating visitor pass or pins


The visitor management records all the relevant information, including photos of visitors. The system can also hold information about visitors who may need special provisions, such as disabled access.


Visitor passes are handled in the following ways:

  • instant printing of visitor passes on thermal ticket containing a unique encrypted barcode which is then scanned on an Actek Barcode Scanner for entry and or exit;
  • proximity card which is scanned at a card reader for entry and generally dropped into a card capture unit on exit or returned to a guard;
  • pin code which is typed into pin pad reader for entry and or exit.

Send invites and notifications


The Actek visitor management system is able to send system generated invites, notifications and satisfaction survey to visitors. The content could include instructions on where to find parking, what identification is required as well as pin codes to enter the premises.


Signature to accept conditions


The visitor management system allows for visitors to sign to accept special terms and conditions or liability disclaimers.


The signature will be kept on record for as long as the client requires. The system could be configured to require a new signature every time, or to keep the previous signature for a predetermined time frame.


The signature can be done at reception via signature pad, or on the hand held drivers licenses scanner.


Drivers License Scanning


The visitor management system will sync data to and from the Actek Android Hand Held Scanner. This data will include black lists (List of people banned from the facility) as well as pre-booked visitors.


Should a drivers license be scanned, it will immediately notify the guard if the visitor is allowed access or if further steps should be taken such as calling the host in the event of not being pre-booked.


All drivers and vehicle license information is synced to the visitor management portal in real time via built-in 3G functionality. The system fully complies with the POPI requirements.


The Actek Android Hand Held Scanner does not have to work on a pre-book system, it can also serve as a replacement to log books where data is synced to the visitor management portal for reporting purposes.


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