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We specialise in turn-key License Plate Recognition (LRP) / Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System solutions.


We do not simply sell LPR cameras, we specialise in fully customisable and often unique customer specific turnkey solutions for any industry or requirements. Whether you have a truck stop, parking garage, housing estate or office park with any requirement to link license plate numbers to gaining access or billing we will have or develop a solution for you.


Our solutions include:

Specialised LPR or ANPR Cameras (Hardware)

Actek LPR Management software

Integration with 3rd party ERP or accounting software

Integration with parking systems (Linking license plate number with parking ticket)

Cash-less Parking Solutions

On-line verification of stolen vehicles or vehicle involved in robberies with Enatis or Unicode (South Africa only)


How it works:

Images captured by specialised LPR cameras, automatically capture the license plate number in real time allowing our specialised and fully customisable software to link the license plate number to parking tickets, compare with pre-defined databases, submit to Enatis for verification, export number for automatic billing etc., trigger boomgate barriers to open via I/O and so much more.


Depending on the requirements, we can supply LPR cameras that can read number plates at high speed, at stand still, in complete darkness, with high beams on etc. Our solutions are very effective, reliable and cost effective.


Come and see us for a complementary demonstration.


Actek LPR Solution deployed at the largest Truck Stop in Africa.


Introducing our latest generation ACT-IP-LPR-1200 Camera


ACT-IP-LPR-1200 is a 1 MP B/W network camera designed for recognition of reflective license plates on vehicles traveling at 200 km/h (124.27 mph) or less. With its multiple high power LEDs and intelligent IR, the camera is able to automatically adjust its shutter speed to the scene and produce clear license plate capture for one lane under low-light conditions. The motorized varifocal lens take the advantage of its motorized focus / zoom in that the user can remotely adjust the focus and zoom through the Web interface. It is weather proof (IP67) and also able to work in environments with temperatures ranging from -40°C (-40°F) to 50°C (122°F).



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