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Your South African national drivers' license is more than just a card which entitles you to drive a vehicle. It contains information that if used correctly can unlock massive potential in many industries and applications ranging from access control at office parks, age verification at public events, automated form population and much more.


Each license contains a bar-code and although heavily encrypted, the information contained therein including the holder's names, ID Number, date of birth, gender, license restrictions, validity period etc. can all be captured and used in a myriad of ways to enhance current I.T. solutions. Even the picture of the holder as represented on the front of the card is embedded in the bar-code! This makes it near impossible to create cards that are fraudulent and thus offers immense value to sectors such as car & trailer rental, financial services, security & events management, equipment hire and many other industries where proof of identification is mandated. Actek offers a composite solution to end users or just the software development kit and decryption licenses along with the relevant hardware to systems integrators and software developers.

eSkan License Scanner

The eSkan is a proudly South African product designed by South African Engineers for the local security, access control and asset management sector. This mobile device is robust, cost effective and ideal to validate the owner of the driver license card for multiple applications.


The eSkan is ideal to replace the guard book at the gate and thus assist your company to the new POPI act compliance. The eSkan is sold separately for 3rd party integrators or it can form part of a standalone cost effective visitor management solution.


The eSkan device has usb and wifi interface to instantly communicate with computer software for real time reporting as well as real time notifications to the guard as to whether a visitor may be on the black list etc.


With the eSkan device we are able to develop computer software to cater for almost any requirements, including forcing a point of sale or access control system to have a valid drivers license presented before concluding the transaction.


The eSkan device decrypts the South African drivers and vehicle license's to even show the photo of the owner which is part of the heavily encrypted data on the bar-codes.


Cost of units (Excluding Vat , Delivery, Software Setup & Training):

Description                                          Qty 1 - 4            Qty5 +

eSkan 250 (USB & Wireless)            R13 100              R12 600


Resellers Welcome!

eSkan Computer Software (Heimdall)

At business parks and residential security estates where access control is implemented, it is not sufficient to use a paper-based visitor’s book, where a visitor can write misleading information.


The Heimdall Access Control Software in conjunction with the eSkan device intends to improve security and protect valuable property by an electronic scanner to scan vehicle license  discs,  drivers  licenses  and  pedestrians  RSA  ID  barcodes.


This  information  is  associated  with  a destination and stored in a computer to have at hand in case of investigations. Data can be searched and reports can be made. A person in control can be alerted of extraordinary events.


Cost of software (Excluding Vat):


Heimdall Lite (2 scanners, 200 scans / hour)

Heimdall Standard (Cloud based - 4 scanners 600 scans / hour)

Heimdall Professional (Cloud based - 8 scanners 1500 scans / hour)

Heimdall Enterprise ( Cloud based - unlimited scanners & scans / hour)

Heimdall only available when scanners purchased from Actek.

Resellers Welcome!



R3 250

R8 995

R14 995


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