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At Actek we love taking new ideas and creating software solutions that streamline business and drive the bottom line.


We have over 8 years of software development and integration experience and have created enterprise solutions for small businesses and industry giants alike. Our wealth of experience has enabled us to create intelligent, agile software solutions in a wide variety of industries with vastly varying requirements.


We develop bespoke application software effortlessly and to specification for our clients. Since we already have the experience of creating software solutions for many businesses, we can take this work and our knowledge and produce results for you quickly, cost effectively, professionally and efficiently.


We are extremely passionate about enabling systems to communicate effectively and streamline business processes. Whether your company needs a solution that will automate the routine work of the employees, store data and information or provide comprehensive work flows, we provide the solutions to increase the quality of your business and services.


Actek has provided custom applications for many varying types of industries, including customised point-of-sale solutions, stock control and accounting, integrated card payment solutions and so much more. Custom web interfaces allow users to login into their systems safely and securely from anywhere in the world and access their systems in real-time. We also specialise in integrating financial systems and software to enable everything from efficient stock management to seamless, secure financial transactions. To achieve these goals, we build custom back-end integration services for your business that are extensible enough to allow for mobile connections as well.


We help you take an existing challenge and provide a customised solution for your individual situation. We strive to use the best methods that will successfully provide the right solution for you.


Actek delivers on time and within budget – every time !

Sample of previous desktop software developed

The Best Technology


Software and systems are only as good as the technology they are built on - and the technology partners you choose to use.


At Actek, we use only enterprise level software and platforms to power our products.


We use database systems that are stable, widely supported by the community, and considered to be industry standard, so you can be sure of reliable data transactions, effective and accurate reports, and a stable and robust software platform to store and process your data.


When it comes to development environments, we use a variety of tools to help us achieve our goals, enabling us to be flexible and adapt to the user environment along with the different requirements of each required software solution.


We constantly investigate new and exciting technology that becomes available and track industry trends to identify new systems that can add value to our customers and their software solutions. Our technology offering is therefore always up to date.


Our most used technologies:


Desktop Software

  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework
  • Java
  • Python


Mobile and Device Software

  • Microsoft Windows CE
  • Assembly
  • Microsoft IOT
  • Linux
  • Android


Web Software

  • HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Adobe Muse
  • Bootstrap
  • Apache
  • Python
  • Ajax / Jquery


Database Platforms

  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL CE
  • Microsoft Access


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