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Actek Cloud Based Building Management and Access Control System is a complete, enterprise-class access control and security management solution that offers unsurpassed ability to satisfy the requirements of any access control, or security requirements. With a web-based user interface that’s easy to operate and system features that adhere to any customer requirements.

Complete Solution: Actek Cloud Based Building Management and Access Control System (Actek BMS) offers a complete selection of in-demand features that integrate with standard and emerging technologies. You can deploy any combination of features; access control, alarm/event monitoring, intrusion detection, surveillance, elevator control, identification and credential management, photo imaging, time and attendance, visitor management, reporting, and more.


Scalable Architecture: Whether you need a self-contained or distributed system, Actek BMS scales to any size, making it ideal for single or multi-site facilities, remote sites, campus settings and multi-national organizations.

Flexible Platform: Actek BMS offers a solution that is appropriate for any organization, including business, commercial, industrial government, healthcare, education, transportation, and more.



  • Cost effective
  • Scalable
  • Completely cloud based operation
  • Works with any Wiegand readers (Proximity; Biometric etc.)
  • Integrates with various surveillance solutions
  • Photo Imaging
  • Elevator Control
  • Building Management
  • Time and Attendance
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Who is in

Access Management


Import / Export:

Actek BMS provides time-saving tools that simplify the task of importing people and cards into the database. Galaxy can import and export data to and from various 3rd party platforms such as payroll systems



Actek BMS offers extensive user-intuitive options for enrolling and managing cardholders and their credentials. You can enroll multiple cards and biometric credentials for each cardholder. You can independently control card behaviors and access privileges. It’s easy to add the photographs, badges, and data that pertain to each cardholder and their role with your organization. Actek BMS provides numerous data types that make it simple to manage credentials and access privileges, as well as control report filtering.



A click-and-drag interface with color-coded time intervals makes it easy and convenient to create a time schedule. Special days and holidays can be assigned to any schedule, and they can be uniquely configured with their own active/inactive times.


Administer and report on Access Control anywhere, on any device, on any operating system, at any time via web interface.


Actek Embedded Cloud 4 door Controller


  • Our enterprise-level platform delivers an access and building management system for small all the way to enterprise-sized businesses that’s simple to configure, and navigate
  • Powerful ARM Cortex-A53 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor, operating on a robust and reliable Linux platform
  • TCP/IP connection for primary internet connection to device with built-in automatic fail-over to 3G
  • No server required – The 100% browser-based software application is installed by Actek
  • Scalable, each controller is capable of controlling access to 4 doors (8 readers), but there is no limit to the amount of controllers that can be installed per site
  • Multiple sites across the world can be administer under the same client login
  • Automatic configuration – Time-saving configuration of doors, inputs, and outputs after each interface panel is created
  • Easy navigation – Use browser-enabled devices, such as a smart phone, tablet or computer to control the system from any location (via the internet)
  • Capable of working with any Wiegand readers (Proximity or Biometric)


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Access Rules:

Actek BMS provides the ultimate flexibility in creating simple or complex access rules. Apply them to doors or personnel in a grouped or individual manner.


Time and Attendance:

Actek BMS's time and attendance feature reports personnel attendance and hours worked in any size organisation.



Reports include alarm, door and card activity, who’s-in/roll-call, auditing and many more. Powerful utilities allow the administrator to query data selectively, configure and save unique report filters for future use. All reports can be quickly generated for fast on-line viewing and printing.

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