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The Actek Intelligent Parking Barriers are 100% locally manufactured and designed to handle a high volume of traffic and have a 100% duty cycle. The barrier is equipped with a torque motor which is reliable and requires minimal maintenance




The housing is manufactured from mild steel or stainless steel 3CR12, epoxy powder coated, various colours are available on request.

The mechanism is housed in the top of the housing, witch is easily accesses through a screw-off lid. The door in the front allows easy access to the logics that housed under the mechanism. A separate mounting base, zinc electroplated, for easy installation and corrosion protection. Power: 220V AC 50Hz





A robust precision mechanism with block bearings is fitted with a 220V torque geared motor for reliable operation and secure locking. The motor and gearbox are enclosed in the same housing and are maintenance free.




The logics incorporate one Loop Detectors, additional Loop Detectors available on request




Intelligent printed circuit board which stores vehicle counts, door opening times, accepts trigger via either dry contact trigger or via software protocol.

Separate Galvanised-mounting base for, rigidity, rust prevention on ground surface and  ease of installation and maintenance

Torque motor with concealed gearbox (maintenance free)

In the event of a power failure the boom can be set to open automatically or stay in a closed position.




Parking Garages.

Golf or Residential Estates.

Factories & Mines.

Industrial and Commercial use.

Any application where vehicles need to be controlled.



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